Great MC links!!

Mariah Carey Forever This is one of my favorite MC sites on the web. Owned by one of my favorite Mariah Pals. He's probably the biggest Mariah fan you'll ever meet (not to mention he's a pretty cool guy, too :)
Forever Mariah This is another GREAT site by the coolest guy ever to be born in Aussie! Please take a look around here! Trust me, you won't be disappointed! :)
Private Mariah Carey This is one of the first MC sites I looked at when I was introduced to the web. Very nice!!
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Mariah Carey's Diary This site has the most MC news you'll ever find. The news in here is updated every day!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~
Forever A Fantasy Here you'll find lots of info on Mariah, magazine updates, news, links, videos, sounds, etc.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
Mariah City This site is amazing!! It has everything!! Make sure to check it out! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~
Mariah Carey's Life This is a very cool page created by Camela. It includes: Mariah's biography (some things you might not know about MC), sounds, lyrics, and some other cool stuff of MC along with some neat non-MC-related stuff as well. Go check it out :)
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Mariah Carey FanPage Angelica has a very new and fresh page! Already, you will find: news, a picture gallery, lyrics, chart listings, chatroom, Board Room and lots more to come at her site! So, make sure to check back often.
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Fly Away With Mariah This is a very nicely set out page with links, pictures, Mariah's latest singles, biography, news, and TV appearances.
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Mariah Carey 99 By Skills This is a very up-to-date site! It has: news, MC search, info, audio clips, video clips, clubs, news, MC quiz, and so much more!
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